Girish Mahale

I was born and brought up in small town typical Indian middle class family. My journey from government school, Engineering College Vidisha, IIT Khargpur to IBM’s system and technology group at Bangalore gave me exposure to various discriminations, specially to gender, caste, religion and educational inequality. My life’s small journey clearly told me that there is a strong inequality into the discussion making positions for marginalized community and an obvious reason is women, Dalit, Adiwasi and other marginalized community dot not have equal access to the quality education. And always there are questions like: Why not equal opportunity for everyone? Why we still following text based mechanical learning pedagogy? Even in technology era, why schools in rural area exploring world’s best freely available open educational resource? Why we still have a lack of Social and Political will for the improvement of quality in public education? Why Society only helping people and not empowering them with quality education? That lands me into deep thinking and discussion with my friends and family and in August 2013 I quit form IBM and decided to serve the community with working towards providing meaningful, interesting and innovative education in the villages.