Malwa Utsav Indore

Malwa Utsav Indore

Malwa Utsav is one of the biggest and most spectacular events of Madhya Pradesh. The festival restores the age old culture and the tradition of India through its various classical dance performances and traditional music of Madhya Pradesh. Performers and entertainers from different parts of India charm the cities of Indore, Ujjain and  Maheshwar for a remarkable five day celebration of art, music, dance, drama and culture.

One can say that the festival is a storehouse to the culture, spirit and the essence of the Malwa region. There is a huge gathering of locals and tourists coming from all parts of India. Well-known artists, excellent performances, colorful ambiance and a melange of various programs form the prime highlights of the festival. In-addition, the festival also exhibits a rich display of art and craft workshops.

Malwa Utsav Date:

Indore: 5-10 May, 2015

Ujjain: 15-17 May, 2015